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How team support can transform the workplace

team May 14, 2023

Business owners are aware of the importance of team support at work. But sometimes we’re too busy getting the job done to ask for support, or to realise the value of working as a team. 

It’s been proven time and again – if you operate in a team, you’ll enjoy better job satisfaction, have less stress in the workplace and you’ll grow as a person. And your company will get the job done faster and more efficiently, too. This means a successful workplace and happy staff, which is a win-win situation.

According to the online magazine Worklife, the flagship publication of Atlassian, “people are more likely to take calculated risks that lead to innovation if they have the support of a team behind them”.

Also, groups support each other whether they work in the same building together, or remotely. In fact, these days, in the UK and especially in London city businesses, teamwork is more important than ever. And this is emphasised from the moment of recruitment to whilst employees are getting the job done.


Why team support staff is vital in business

  1. Productivity increases

When people work in a team, tasks tend to take less time and are accomplished faster. That's because knowing that a group of people have your back every step of the way makes you more confident in what you do.

  1. Less errors

In a team, we inspire each other and assist each other, so the environment is less stressful. And when we’re less stressed, we make fewer errors. Of course, this is in an ideal environment, where everybody is relaxed and working well together.

  1. Problems easier to solve

Discussing problems together gives different perspectives on the matter. Everyone has a different skill set, too, so people working together are able to reach solutions on how to solve problems better than if they were doing it individually.

  1. More innovation 

Brainstorming creates innovative thinking when there’s a team throwing different ideas into the pot. Because each team member has different skills, they are able to come up with ideas that people with the same skillset, experience and opinions could never do. The team is thus able to come up with a better perspective.

  1. People work harder

An ideal team is a happy team and each member of the team works to his or her best ability. The reason: The team works well together because team members respect each other, give honest, unbiased feedback to each other and support each other every step of the way.

  1. Teams achieve the best results

Teamwork makes it easier to be more effective and creative. Each team member is confident enough to do his or her best and cooperate with the others to get superb results.

  1. Risk-taking is easier

It’s easier to take risks if there’s an entire business support team behind you. That backing gives you more confidence.

  1. Creates stronger working relationships

Groups that operate together constantly become like family. The bonds that form are strong enough to withstand problems, and fallbacks and disappointments are easier to face if you’re not facing them alone.


What makes a good team?

These are made up of diverse people with different skills and abilities. Here are some qualities that are most common in groups that operate well together:

  • Are organised
  • They offer administrative support and other types of assistance
  • Mutual trust
  • Have respect for each other
  • Are honest with each other
  • Happy to share skills, knowledge and ideas for the benefit of the team
  • Work well together
  • Communicate clearly and in a positive way
  • Work well together to achieve common goals.


How to create strong teams

  1. Have a strong, capable leader: Someone who is unbiased, a natural leader with an ability to keep abreast of what is happening and guide and encourage others to do their best.
  2. Make sure the team has basic operational procedures: This includes creating parameters, transparency, sharing knowledge and ideas.
  3. Clear communication channels: The team needs to communicate with each other on a regular basis, perhaps daily during the week, so that everyone knows what is going on.
  4. Make sure that everyone is on the same page: Knowing what is going on is vital so that everybody is aware of what is happening.
  5. Make communication simple: In time you will discover the best way to communicate with each other. What works well: scheduling regular Zoom meetings where everybody can get together and discuss news, views and updates.
  6. Offer training: Everybody has different skills, and sharing these skills is a great way to make everybody feel part of the team. Further education also helps people grow in their particular roles and makes the team stronger.
  7. Motivate the team: Reward the team as a group when they achieve good outcomes, whether this is through a salary increase or a bonus. However, congratulating the team and showing the company’s gratitude doesn’t necessarily have to be monetary – management could give the team a day off so that they have a long weekend.


Benefits of good team support:

A more efficient workplace

Groups can break down complicated tasks into smaller, simpler ones and plan how to support jobs together to succeed. Groups with different skillsets can come together to find how to accomplish this most effectively and to operate most productively together.

Work faster towards a common aim

There’s always somebody in the team who knows how to do make a task simpler. And there’s also the motivator, who gets the team to carry on and towards the end result. This is why teamwork is such an excellent concept.

Create the best possible outcome

Even if you’re a team that has exactly the same skills, working together will iron out your weaknesses and produce the strongest result possible.

Collaboration is key all the time, every time. Those with the same skillset can still learn from each other and better their abilities. This also produces a healthy competitiveness which is essential for creating the best possible results.

Better working relationships

People in a team form a cooperative working environment where they support each other, trust each other and motivate each other to do their best. The better your employees’ working relationships are, the more security they feel they have.

They are also more likely to enjoy working together towards a common aim, which, in a business environment, is to offer the best customer service and products possible.


How to encourage teamwork on the job

“With an interconnected, close-knit team, there’s no limit to what your firm can achieve in the marketplace,’ says Geanette Rodriguez-Ojeda in an article on the Forbes website entitled Six Ways To Build True Teamwork In Your Staff.

“When you guide and motivate your team members to support each other, everyone wins,” she continues. “You need to be proactive, highly involved, honest and genuine in your approach to inspire others to do better.

She offers 6 simple methods that will encourage teamwork. These methods whether you live in the USA, like she does, or are based right here in London. They include:


1.   Set the right example

A team leader needs to take an active role and create a culture of working together towards a common goal.

2.   Be aware of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses

Recruitment plays an important part in this. From the outset, don’t emphasise their weaknesses; rather benefit from their strengths.

Give them tasks where they can excel in their jobs: this will make them feel of value, and the team will be more positive as a result.

3.   Create a work culture where teamwork is important

 If you create this type of culture, employees will see themselves as part of the bigger picture and will enjoy celebrating wins and overcoming losses together.

4.   Value each employee

Every member of the team needs to feel valued and important, a vital part of the big picture. Compliment jobs well done, celebrate birthdays and achievements.

5.   Share knowledge and skills

In today’s information economy, you don’t get ahead by what you know. You get ahead by how you share.” We tend to agree with this.

6.   Teamwork creates dream work

Working well together as a team creates success whilst enjoying what you’re doing.


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