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Yes, it’s about you. If you are a fashion or an interior designer who is starting up or has an established business, you are in the right place.

Business is a stressful and long endeavour. Highly skilled and talented people enter into this adventure, seeking financial freedom and success. But only a few make it. Designer-led businesses face even more challenges and complexity as the owner has more in mind than financial success. They want recognition in their field as well as artistic success.

Do you feel like you have no time anymore for your creative work? You are absorbed so deeply that your family barely sees you. Even though you work hard you see slow growth? You might feel invisible to the market or lack marketing clarity.

At maakeAcademy, we deal with all these and more. We believe that you and your business need the right tools to make your vision a reality and we provide these tools through our programmes.

‘Increasing the strength of your business gives you options. Gives you possibilities to achieve a vision and use your leadership strength for something bigger than you.'



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About Artemis Doupa

Founder of maake Academy

An award winning entrepreneur, bestselling author and consultant based in London, Artemis Doupa is on a mission to eradicate designer poverty and increase sustainability. Her book 'Design and Grow' focuses on her method STORMS, which gives brands the tools to build fast growing long-lasting successful brands.

Her company, maakeAcademy specialises in fashion and interior brands founded by visionary designers, who want to grow their business and make a mark in their market whilst still doing what they love.

In 2016, she co-founded one of the UK’s leading digital textile printing companies, maake. Her passion for entrepreneurship couldn’t be contained and soon after she founded maakeacademy and maakehome.

Her knowledge in all 8 types of digital fabric printing, supply and fabric product development issues makes her one of the top specialists in the Fashion and interior design industries. In the past 10 years, she has worked with over 10,000 brands including Dior, Alexander McQueen and Asos through her various businesses.


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About Alexander Wills

Co-Founder of Fashion Formula

The fabric man; an entrepreneur with a passion and expertise on fabrics. Alexander Wills has been in the textile industry his entire life and as a third generation textile entrepreneur, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He often struggles to name drop due to tight NDAs.

He is the co-founder of a company called Fashion Formula, who focus on sustainable digital printing on fabric for fashion, event and interior brands. He has over 18 years' experience in all 8 types of digital textile printing and the chemistries behind them, and has helped over 15,000 businesses use digital textile printing in their own brands.

His speciality and passion is working with high fashion houses, designers and haute-couture brands, using his digital textile print expertise to produce unique one-off print creations on specific fabric bases. He especially enjoys sourcing fabrics, inks and researching new and innovative ways to enable designers creativity.

The problem that most of his clients have is that they cannot get people to see their business and find a reliable, consistent supplier who prints sustainably.


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‘Increasing the strength of your business gives you options. Gives you possibilities to achieve a vision and use your leadership strength for something bigger than you'

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