Making profit should be fun!


Design your heart out while you create a scalable, profitable, and fun business that can support your dream and allow you to be home for a stress-free dinner.



More growth. More visibility. More time. 

Become a designer who runs a successful business without giving up your creativity.

How to build a business to match your passion


Being an entrepreneur is exhilarating but it can be very scary at times too. Despite the struggles, now is the greatest time to be an entrepreneur.

There’s more funding, tools & opportunities than ever before. Designers who expand their vision and go after their dreams are rewarded every day. 

Following the right strategy and resources and using the right tools, you can grow your business healthily and take your profit.

Build a strategy that is not random.

With passion. With growth. With profit. With positive impact.



maakeAcademy helps entrepreneurs focus on what matters the most


Our vision is to see designers be successful in all aspects of their journey while doing what they love.

We have worked with thousands of designers and entrepreneurs directly. By implementing our proven strategies and best practices, we have found a simple marketing blueprint. As a result, you get clarity on your business shortcomings and opportunities in order to grow it in a healthy and steady manner.

We do that through our accelerators or our coaching sessions depending on what is most suited to your organisation.



Take your business to the next level!

In less than 2 minutes!

 All the answers you've been searching for.

We've taken the guesswork away from building your business.

In just a few short minutes, through answering a carefully curated questionnaire, we can show you exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are within your company and how to fix them efficiently.

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Home to the method that gave designers the tools to weather all STORMS.

Design & Grow has revolutionised businesses with a focus on design by assisting founders in reclaiming their design time. This groundbreaking approach is the brainchild of award-winning entrepreneur Artemis Doupa.

The STORMS methodology offers an actionable blueprint for sustainably running and growing your business without sacrificing your design time. It outlines practical strategies to maintain creative control while managing business growth effectively.


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"I finally have clarity on my marketing"


"Knowing what I need to focus on made all the difference"


"I couldn't believe how quickly my revenue increased"

Profit Matters Accelerator

Get from 6 to 7 figures


A deep dive into the profit formula and how to build a strong and effective brand which will scale up your e-commerce business to £100k/month.

Get your target market and your message laser focused with our Profit Matters Accelerator, showing you walkthroughs and tested methods on how to increase your revenue and scale your brand. Allowing you to enjoy working in your business and support your lifestyle.


* Immediate access
* Downloadable worksheets
* Access to the Vault
* 1:1 Call with one of our strategy coaches to discuss your business specifically



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Design & Grow Accelerator

Get from 6 to 7 figures


Our flagship Accelerator. Claim your design time back while running your business like a swiss-clock! Get involved and get your Systems, your Team and your Operations in check while you Market with high performing results.

The only Accelerator which provides inside information on production and helps you with your fabric needs as well as your business.


* Live WebClasses with expert mentors
* Exclusive Design & Grow Community
* 1:1 Call with our leading coach to discuss your business specifically
* Production Bonuses




per month

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Profit Guide

Get from 6 to 7 figures


Grow your business with expert guidance. Get your own personal coach to help you skyrocket your results in any aspect of your organisation. We analyse your strengths and weaknesses and focus on what matters.

Build a focused strategy that is not random and is measurable.

Choose the level that suits your needs and skyrocket your growth.


* 1:1 Call with our leading coach to discuss your business specifically
 * Access to Profit Matters Accelerator
* Access to the Vault
* Lifetime Access






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It's never been a better time to be a designer in business


In a fast-changing world where we have redefined distances and can easily access knowledge and network like never before, designers can finally take charge of their income. Your business can now have greater exposure, and reach a global audience instantaneously, whilst being able to retain full control of your own brand image.

Find your business strength!

Our rapid-fire quiz produces a tailored assessment  that will help you to bridge the gaps that may be slowing down the growth potential of your brand.

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