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No more shots in the dark; no need to try out errors. We have been there and we learnt the hard way so that you won't have to. Get clarity and an actionable strategy to skyrocket your business growth.


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Home to the method that gave designers the tools to weather all STORMS.


Design & Grow has revolutionised design-led businesses by helping founders claim their design time back.
The STORMS methodology is an actionable blueprint on how to sustainably run and grow your business without giving up your design time.



Your brand's personality

If everyone expects to get their answers from you, then you are the system. You are essential to your business, and that is a dangerous thing.

In our Systems learning module and WebClasses, you will:

  • Design a powerful way to systematise efficiently and effectively.
  • Develop an understanding of every aspect of your business and how it’s affected.
  • Delve into optimising and create assets that will increase your business value.


A company is only as strong as its team.

Know how to pick the right people, and your team will thrive. Paying people more doesn't guarantee performance.

In our Team learning module and WebClasses, you will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of hiring and what it takes to create a dream team.
  • Organise your team and learn techniques to save time and only hire members who will elevate your team strength and improve your team culture.
  • Design a system that will ensure your existing team and any future team members become true assets.


 Stop being an octopus.

Running your own business is exhilarating and exhausting in equal measures. If you feel that you have to oversee every department, you may end up needing more arms than an octopus to keep on top of things.

In our Operations learning module and WebClasses, you will:

  • Create products that are of the highest quality, sustainably made and delivered with a first class experience for your customers.
  • Create product ecosystems that add value to your brand and increase conversations and LTV.
  • Create automations and workflows that will reduce complexity and increase your revenue and free your teams time.
  • Dive into the world of digital printing. Understanding inks and fabrics.
  • Develop a critical eye on picking suppliers


Your mind will lead you to greatness

Your mindset is going to determine if your brand will make it to the big league or not. Mindset is not a magical key to success, but it can help you control your reaction to, and act on, what goes on around you to get results.

In our Reaction learning module and WebClasses, you will:

  • Develop resilience and a strong mindset to run a 7+ figure business
  • Learn how to stop holding yourself back
  • Identify the key areas in your life that will boost your work performance and allow you to have fun in business.



Observe. Act. Iterate

Designers are no strangers to testing colours, compositions, patterns and so much more. In the same way, marketing needs a bit of testing, and the data you can get from the multitude of today’s marketing channels and tested techniques can give your brand an edge – no more shots in the dark.

In our Marketing learning module and WebClasses, you will:

  • Identify your unique market niche to distinguish yourself from competitors.
  • Craft a compelling pitch that motivates potential customers and partners.
  • Create a marketing plan to enhance clarity and boost revenue.
  • Build sales funnels that align with your brand and available resources.


‘I used to be a plastic bottle,’ said the dress

 I don’t think I even need to say how important our
actions as designers are to the environment and our
children’s future. We all play a part and should take
small, inexpensive steps to ensure we do better for
our business and our planet.

In our Sustainability learning module and WebClasses, you will:

  • Build products that are sustainable and affordable.
  • Learn why sustainability in your business is a powerful tool.
  • Develop a mission and vision that will not only bring you more revenue but will also become an asset to your legacy.

What's included

eLearning Portal

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles required to successfully cultivate a thriving business. Apply these principles with a steadfast commitment to excellence. Revisit all material on-demand. With full access to all modules and recordings, you can maximize the value of each session. 

Our online portal provides an invaluable resource for unpacking key insights and fostering critical thinking, allowing you to achieve the goals set forth in our program. Leverage our comprehensive suite of downloads and worksheets to create tangible business assets and accelerate your growth trajectory. 

Live WebClasses

Experience the full benefits of our Accelerator program through live WebClasses that bridge the gap between theory and practical application.  

Our experienced mentors have a common language with designers and will be supporting you through each stage of your journey. Join us and discover what it truly means to thrive as an entrepreneur. 

Growing Global Community

Each entrepreneur becomes part of our online community. Like-minded individuals who want to share and spread the word. Keep each other accountable and ask questions.

Get recommendations, feedback and expand your network.


Design your Systems, Team, Operations, Reaction, Marketing and Sustainability assets and let your business sustain your lifestyle and your passion. Mindset rewired.

Each module has been designed with step-by-step demonstrations to build the assets that will grow your business and allow it to yield consistent results.


Kickstart with a 1:1 Coaching call with the author of Design & Grow and create a gap analysis to ensure you reach your goals.

Enjoy Lifetime access to our Profit Matters Accelerator for Free and use the additional resources to perfect your marketing strategy.

Who is it NOT for?

Entrepreneurs who are in financial despair. Coaching is not a lifeline and it's not a last resort when your brand is in crisis.

Those not open to change. There will be hard roads to cross and serious decisions to be made.

Those looking for a miracle. True growth needs sustainable and strategic methods that cannot be implemented overnight.

Success isn't found in mirages, but through the power of action, observation, and iteration.

Who is it for?

Design-led business who -

✔️ Hit a plateau. Entrepreneurs who tried several tactics with some success but are feeling confused and overwhelmed as to what to prioritize, leading to confusion and inefficient actions.

✔️ Seek financial freedom. You might be profitable and still not taking enough profit to bring you freedom. Or you simply want to increase your profits and grow your business. 

✔️ Are ready to claim their design time back. You are fed up doing things outside your desired role or you want to have enough time to do what you are most passionate about. Design and be with your family in time for dinner while your company thrives.

✔️ Are run by founders who want to become leaders in their niche. Staying in the shadows won't cut it for you and your brand. You want to be seen and attract the right customers.

✔️ Crave consistent production and understanding of their industry. Dealing with manufacturing has a level of frustration. Finding the right partners and knowing what to ask and how is a process that takes many years to navigate on your own. Skip forward and get all the answers to creating a flawless product.

✔️ Are determined to develop skills and the confidence to run a 7-figure brand. A business is as strong as its leader and you are determined to be that leader that passes the threshold.

✔️ Have a team of 3-20 people. Love their team and want to provide the most enjoyable and productive environment.

✔️ Want to do good. Running a business means you will impact the those around you. Become a business leader who makes a difference, not only through sustainable products and services, but to your team, your local community and the greater world.

''Artemis sets out her secrets of how to become a successful designer in a clear and down-to-earth way, with practical examples that show the depth and breadth of her experience. Her STORMS method is easy to follow, and the reader can easily dive into each chapter as a standalone or take it as a whole. This book is a must-read for designers who are struggling with the business side of their design business.''

David B Horne, award-winning author and entrepreneur


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